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To help people find hope & new life in Jesus Christ.
Our Story
The Light of The Valley Story

On July 27, 2008, we had our first church service in the dining room of our home. There were eight people in attendance that day—including my family and me. The name of our ministry then was New Beginnings Christian Center. And since the beginning, we've had a heart to help our community any way we can. We've had many outreaches where we've given Christmas toys, bags of groceries, blankets, clothing, and school supplies to our community. And we have seen how God has blessed us in many areas of ministry for that. One day, I ran into a previous neighbor of

mine and through our conversation found out he owned a dance hall. Instantly, I knew God was already opening a door for us. By the grace of God, we continued to be faithful to His call on our lives and began growing. So on January 4, 2009, we started renting my neighbor's dance hall to gather for church, and we'd set up and tear down our church equipment there every week for many years to come. In January 2010, we changed our ministry name to Light of the Valley Church. Then, in July 2015 we began to pray for God’s direction for the purchase of our own property. In January 2016, we were

able to purchase the property God had put in our hearts and spent most of the year remodeling one of the pre-existing buildings on it that we call home today. We overcame many obstacles that were preventing us from moving in that can only be attributed to God's grace and power. We are now having church on the property God has placed in our hearts and in our dreams. We will, by the grace of God, keep our vision of helping people find hope and new life in Jesus Christ alive, and will continue to be a Light for all to see.


-Pastor Juan Nava

Pastor Juan Nava

I came to know the Lord at age 15, and at age 23 married my high school sweetheart, Becky. When it comes to ministry, since the time I gave my life to the Lord I sensed the Lord calling me into ministry, but I ignored those feelings. God never gave up on me though. Instead, God increased the promptings in my heart.

It wasn't until January of 1997 at a Christian conference that I received a confirmation of the calling on my life to be a pastor. To my surprise, no one was very excited about my calling. So I put it on the back burner, but as a result I felt miserable and discouraged. Years later I had a prophetic dream about my ministry, and through some very unusual series of events we found ourselves being asked to help pastor a church for several months.

When my time ended there I realized God had launched me into ministry even though I had no training or much experience as a pastor. I was 47 years old when we started our own ministry. Praise God, it’s never too late!​

Juan and Becky have four children and three grandchildren.

Our Pastor
Core Values

Core Values

Our values are what create our church culture, and helps us accomplish our vision.

Every ONE Matters

Every person matters to God, and therefore, they matter to us.


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